How it Works

Swarmsales is a 2 way platform that allows companies to engage sales professionals to broker an intro into their target accounts and also allows sales pros to submit accounts and opportunities for vendor companies to consider accepting. The process to engage is the following:

01. Companies must create a company profile on Swarmsales that includes a description of their solutions and a few assets such as a sales deck, cheat sheets and explainer videos. We will ask an executive on your team to record a one time webinar in which we’ll provide a dozen questions that matter to sales people and that allow them to quickly understand if engaging with your company to broker intros would be a fit given their accounts and interest in your product/solution.
02. Sales Professionals must also create their profile on Swarmsales which includes unique info such as the accounts they’ve sold into. Optionally they can share the size of deals won and names of their contacts at each account.

03. Upon launching a sales campaign, each company will see suggestions about sales professionals to invite to engage into exploratory conversations to understand if they have what it takes to broker meetings and are willing to do so.

04. Companies should interview at least a 5-10 sales pros and select the ones that best fit their needs. A best practice is to have them submit accounts via Swarmsales for which they would like to broker introductions. These can always be accepted or declined.

05. Once identified the sales pros that best fit your company’s needs, we recommend retaining the best for 5-8 hours at about $75-100 per hour each month to pay for activities related to getting introductions scheduled and investing their time in getting to understand your company and products/solutions in more depth. The retainer payments to sales pros can all be managed and disbursed via our platform and are a great way to demonstrate that your company has skin in the game.

06. If you plan to engage sales pros in a retainer program, they should be held accountable to certain metrics such as submitting 5-10 accounts for which they can broker introductions and completing at least 1-2 per month in order to continue collecting retainer fees. Once your company has tapped into all the relationships you need from that sales pro, you should have others lined up that keep your pipeline active.

07. Upon successful completion of an intro which includes the Swarmsales Pro, a representative from your company and a champion or a decision maker at the target account meet in person or over a conference call, the swarmsales pro can request approval of the intro milestone. If the “successful intro” criteria is met, the vendor company should approve that introduction payment and hand over the opportunity to one of your internal sales professionals or a business partner to further qualify, progress and drive it to closure.

08. Upon collecting a Purchase Order and payment from the new account, the Swarmsales Pro will collect an “influencer fee” previously defined by the vendor company.

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